as the owner of j. major’s bridal boutique, i have had the luxury of working with brides for over 8 years. from the very beginning, i’ve loved creating and custom-designing accessories and gowns for very discerning brides and their wedding parties. each person is unique in their desires, looks and visions and i wanted to help bring their dreams to reality.

when it came time for me to decide on my gown for my own wedding (which was several years ago), i knew i wanted something different, something that expressed who i was. i went with a two piece ensemble because i loved the simplicity, elegance and the ability to wear the individual pieces again. my top was a strapless bodice covered in guipure lace and my skirt was a long, soft a-line in crepe de chine. i completed my look with a three-strand pearl necklace and bracelet. to this day, i still adore what i wore!

that being said, over the years i began seeing brides who loved the idea of wearing a gown for their ceremony, then switching into something different for their reception. sometimes brides would love the look of the top half of a dress, but wished the skirt had a different shape. this is how erin grey couture came to be. i wanted my brides to have the diversity to wear the top of their gown but change into a short skirt to make it more fun and comfortable for the either the reception or departure. you could also keep the skirt and put on a sweater or everyday top for a modern look! change things up to suit your personal style.

this collection affords the brides the opportunity to see how combining different tops and skirts will create totally different looks and the ability to have a different look for later. if you prefer to have your dress on for the entire evening and you want the gown to be one piece, you can request to have it made that way just for you.

i can’t wait for each of my brides to create their own unique wedding gown with erin grey couture. hope to see you soon and we can begin to “create your couture”!